Ask a question, make $100!

Tired of the mainstream media concentrating on trivia instead of calling the presidential candidates on their lies? Willing to spend a little bit of your time to do something about it?

In an attempt to have some tough questions asked, I'll give the first person who asks John McCain or Barack Obama one of the following questions $100, subject to the rules below.

Here are the questions I want asked:

Questions for Barack Obama

A question for John McCain

Another question for John McCain

Regular citizens getting involved is the only way the candidates are going to be asked the questions they need to answer. And, doing this will also put pressure on the MSM to do their job: if citizens start showing them up, eventually they're going to be forced to ask questions like this themselves.

And, if you'd like to sponsor a future offer, feel free to send an email to nmb_100 *at*

1. ("NMB") will pay $100 to the first person ("Recipient") who submits the URL of a video ("Video") matching the following description.

2. The Video must include the Recipient asking John McCain or Barack Obama one of the questions linked above.

3. The question must be substantially the same as one of those linked above. The questioner can restate it in their own words, but such things as removing facts from the question, adding incorrect information to the question, or engaging in a "rant" or similar will disqualify.

4. The question must be asked at a legitimate question & answer session, press conference, or similar. The candidate's response must be at least 15 seconds long. Simply asking the question without receiving a response does not qualify. For instance, simply shouting the question at the candidate as the candidate leaves an event and receiving a brief "brush-off" comment or no comment at all does not qualify.

5. This offer expires August 22, 2008 at midnight, Pacific time.

6. The Video must contain both the question and the answer. The Video must include understandable audio and must be publicly available for free. If Recipient or an associate videotaped the event, the segment containing the question and the answer can be uploaded to Youtube or a similar service, provided that The Video is made publicly available (i.e, not a private or age-restricted video). If the Video was shot by a news agency of some kind, the Video must be publicly available (i.e., it can't be only available to subscribers or similar).

7. Only one (1) payment of $100 will be made, no matter how many people ask the designated question. Payment will only be made to the person asking the question, and they'll be required to verify their identity in a method to be determined by NMB.

8. The Recipient must send an email containing the URL of the Video to the email address nmb_100 *at* The order of entries will be determined by their ordering in Yahoo mail's web interface. NMB is not responsible for lost, misdirected, or delayed emails.

9. The payment will be made via PayPal; Recipient must have an account at that service to receive the payment.

10. Recipient retains all copyright and other rights in the video not held by others.

11. All those who attempt to participate in this offer are not employees, agents, or representatives of NMB. All those who attempt to participate in this offer accept full responsibility for any consequences of their attempt to participate.