Candidates: Will you attend policy debates?

Do you want to discover the flaws in the presidential candidates' policies before the election, or do you want to wait until one of them is in office to discover those flaws?

The mainstream media is unwilling and unable to ask the candidates specific questions that would reveal the flaws in their policies. One solution is a series of policy debates.

In these debates a panel of policy experts will ask each candidate a series of questions about the details of their plans. They'll try to find out the pluses and minuses of their plans and what they'll do if things don't work out as planned.

The following question for the upcoming Youtube/CNN debate wants the candidates to indicate whether they'd appear at such debates; because CNN likes things the way they are don't expect it to be asked:

While I don't have the reach to arrange such debates, those at think tanks, C-SPAN, or other institutions do. If videos of the debates are simply uploaded to Youtube - with a transcript provided - this doesn't have to be a major production. The only major issues would be getting the candidates to agree and then scheduling those involved.

There would only be one candidate per debate, but each candidate can bring along their own policy experts in order to make it more like the situation if they were elected.

Each debate segment would only deal with one issue, such as immigration, national security, etc. Different segments - whether featuring the same candidate or the same policy experts - could be scheduled for the same day depending on who's available when.

It's vitally important that the expert questioners will come from across the spectrum. Otherwise, this could end up being a PBS NewsHour-style debate featuring persons on the same basic side of an issue.

Bringing debates like this about before the end of the year is certainly not very likely given various factors, however, if you'd like to help out please contact the candidates as well as those who might be able to produce the debates. And, if you attend any public appearances by the candidates, ask them the question on the video. At the very least, there's enough time to conduct events of this type in 2008.