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Last week broke a great controversy due to the defection of the first four players in the male world ranking of the Olympic Games. Although excusados in the endangerment of the virus of the zika, in the background is glimpsed others reasons more related with a calendar excessively loaded, with a test that not them brings performance for them lists and, above all, les leaves without income during a week. That one month after Rio is held the Ryder Cup, seems that already covers the quota of altruistic entries of the year for some of them.

However, in the female field response was precisely the opposite. The golfers know of the importance that this event universal goes to have for the development of this sport in the future and is have committed from the beginning with the idea. The American LPGA circuit, you can watch the olympics online and other sporting events with the use of a virtual private network to unblock region restricted streams. where are the main extrellas, has spent months making encounters with ancient Olympic sports where the value of participating as an athlete in a universal competition is enhanced. «Is an idea exciting be surrounded of the best athletes of the world-confesses her number one world, Lydia Ko-, is a dream made reality.» «In addition, in this way will contribute to to be seen on television in all countries and in those in which we are not known we start to know».

As the Paraguayan Julieta Granada, not without some irony “perhaps some players can’t handle not being the star of the week and having to share with other prtagonismo», when what is clear is that it must be a much broader broadmindedness. «Thanks to the games will see golf in many countries that is not a very practiced activity and will help its development» designates Mexican Gaby López, while Mariajo Uribe dreams of what would be ‘have the chance to win a gold medal for Colombia, because we only have two throughout history; «It would be a leap of popularity absolute».

«Not wants to put me large expectations of what I will find in river if I took a chasco when reaches-recognizes the Malaga Azahara Muñoz-because took so many waiting for this moment that it have completely idealized.» I want to go with an open mind and enjoy every minute of what they see; «always have been a fanatic of them games, I soaked of them by the television and to live them from inside going to be incredible». He commitment of the collective female has made that 57 of the 60 that could acquire it card Olympic by posts go to to be present in bar of Tijuca, by what the campus goes to be sensational, with representatives of them five continents and a great uncertainty before it who will be the winner of the Medal of gold. All eyes point to Ko, winner of four tournaments in 2016, but it takes off pressure. “I’d like to go back with gold to my country, but I sincerely believe that there will be many equality. Is a field new that no know and the environment Olympic not will be the same that in our tournaments.

“I think that it will be more open in one of them», assumes the New Zealand. Of this you can take advantage of Carlota Ciganda, who will “give all to climb to the top of the podium. I love playing for my country and the games are the biggest sports expression possible”says Navarre. The Frenchwoman Gladys Nocera also committed to it, «Charlotte is a great athlete, very competitive, and secure to that seen in the Olympic environment going to upload the mood much».

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