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Mike Huckabee and the Mexican consulate

In 2003, on a visit to Mexico, Mike Huckabee asked Vicente Fox to establish a consulate in Arkansas. Huckabee even arranged discount office space in a state office: just $1 per year.

Since the consulate opened earlier this year, it's passed out countless "Matricula Consular" ID cards to illegal aliens. Those cards help illegal aliens send billions of dollars back home, helping to prop up the corrupt Mexican government. And, their consul even encouraged civic leaders to advocate for illegal immigration.

11/28/07 GOP Debate: Part 2 (censored by CNN/Youtube!)

Censored by CNN/Youtube! I added this video as a reply to the CNN/Youtube-supplied raw footage, but they deleted this video from the list of replies:


CNN gave Mike Huckabee so much time to demagogue college discounts for illegal aliens that they didn't give Mitt Romney enough time to make the essential point that what Huckabee supported would have deprived U.S. citizens of college discounts.

The existing federal law is Title 8, Chapter 14, Sec. 1623:


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