The toughest question for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton supports the DREAM Act, a bill that would have let illegal aliens take discounted college educations away from U.S. citizens.

No matter how you do the math or whatever words you want to use, the bottom line is that the DREAM Act would have that effect.

How can Senator Clinton justify taking college discounts away from U.S. citizens in order to give them to foreign citizens who are here illegally? What would she say to a U.S. citizen who can't go to college because of the bill she supports?

Longer version here:

More on the DREAM Act here.

Note that the latest version of the bill that they tried to pass stripped out the provision described on the video. The video was made before Dick Durbin made that change. However, the key fact is that Hillary Clinton has supported the bill for years, including all during the time when it included that provision.