Bill Richarson: Registered Foreign Agent?

Last year, the Organization of American States named you as their Special Envoy to 'promote dialogue on issues... such as immigration and free trade' and you continue to serve in that role even while running for president of the U.S. The great majority of OAS member states have made it clear that they support massive immigration to the U.S. and in your press conference you came out against building a fence on the Mexican border.

Due to your role with the OAS, unpaid as it may be, are you a Registered Foreign Agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and if so when will you be releasing documentation related to that registration? If not, could you explain why you feel you don't need to register or when you intend to register as a Foreign Agent?

~~~~~~~~ CITATIONS ~~~~~~~~

1. December 7, 2006 press release announcing the appointment:

2. Video of the press conference related to #1 (portion provided above):

3. Foreign Agents Registration Act:

4. October 25, 2006: Mexico and 27 other OAS members submitted a joint declaration to the OAS opposing the border fence. The U.S. apparently blocked it from being approved:

5. From Washington Times, February 20, 2006, Jerry Seper, "Pro-immigration forces to march on Washington", link: the foreign ministers of 11 Latin American countries opposed to the Sensenbrenner bill [Colombia, Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic] met in Cartagena, Colombia, last week and also agreed to begin a massive lobbying campaign in Washington to defeat the legislation [HR4437].

6. From USA Today/AP, February 20, 2007, "Ambassador: Mexico to lobby hard for immigration reform", link: Determined to secure a migration accord, Mexico plans to begin an aggressive lobbying effort similar to its push to join the North American Free Trade Agreement, the country's new ambassador to the United States said Tuesday.

Also last year, twenty eight members of the OAS came out against the border fence and eleven members of the OAS said they were going to begin lobbying in Washington for immigration 'reform'. Earlier this year, Mexico's new ambassador said that his country will be lobbying inside the U.S. for immigration 'reform'.

In response to my query, Bill Richardson's communication director informed me on 5/24/07 that: 'Governor Richardson has never "worked" for the OAS. Last year he was appointed a special envoy to the Secretary General for Latin America. That means the SG could call on the Governor to assist, on a purely humanitarian and voluntary basis, if he felt there was a situation that required diplomacy from someone like the Governor, who has extensive experience with and ties to Latin America.'

In other words, he still has his "appointment". Shouldn't a candidate for president resign all such appointments, so that those who know about this issue don't question whether they have divided loyalties? Can we get a list of the "situations" where Bill Richardson has represented the OAS? Has he done so while on the campaign trail, or perhaps when supposedly working for the residents of New Mexico?